More than 1.3 million worked in the United States which means the U.S. workforce is larger than the global workforce of any other American business. Kwik Trip is a privately owned company that operates more than 800 convenience stores in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Ill... Paycom provides user-friendly HR and payroll technology to enhance the entire employee life cycle, all in a single software. EOG is one of the largest exploration and production companies in the United States with proven reserves in the United States and Trinida... This award celebrates nationally recognized companies that make the world a better place to work together by prioritizing a people-centered culture and giving employees a voice.

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Not only are they committed to helping combat climate change by ensuring all their travel practices are responsible and sustainable, but they also give back to non-profits, charities, and other community outreach initiatives. While education dropped off the list from 2021, HR & recruiting joined, seeing massive growth over the last 12 months. Additionally, a few other career categories, although not top contenders, saw substantial growth with hybrid jobs. Second-ranked Southern Company is headquartered in Atlanta and is the second-largest utility company in the United States, serving millions of gas and electricity costumers across the country. The company is pushing heavily into software and plans to hire thousands of engineers to improve the software capabilities of its machinery. Top 10 Employers in the United States

Top 10 Employers

Target Corporation is a retail company operating discount stores, hypermarkets, and small local stores. Founded in 1902, Target has expanded to now operate more than 1,900 stores across the US, together with financial and retail services, sourcing services, and a number of private-label brands in grocery, food and beverage, pet food, furniture, bedding, and home products, and many more. Since many US companies are among the world’s top largest companies, many of these companies are also consequently within the world’s largest non-governmental employers. The number of employees is however not always correlated with the company’s income, and thus its net profit and market valuation, as there are great disparities between industries. With hundreds of thousands and even millions of employees worldwide, many American companies are among the world’s largest private employers. And that is no surprise since many US companies are in the world’s largest, and require a lot of staff to deliver products and services to their customers.

Thanks to its digital platform and online marketing, Lowe’s is also one of the top e-commerce sites in the US. The TJX Companies, Inc. is a multinational company operating chains of discount department stores.

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If you have a hunger for travel and food, then this boutique tour company was made for you. For solo travelers who want the surety that they’ll be kept safe without limiting packing and shipping job description their experience, G Adventures is one of the best US tour companies to consider. G Adventures is as wholesome as it comes when choosing a tour company in the US.

Founded in 1940 as a restaurant, McDonald’s has evolved to become a leading fast-food franchise. As of 2016, McDonald’s was the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue, serving over 69 million customers daily in more than 36,900 outlets, located in more than 100 countries.