Glassdoor and Indeed is my favorite where I usually goes for reviews. Knowing about all these websites are great for own business. I was using only Glassdoor, Google review and Indeed websites, but after go through this post I have other top sites. They also empower all employees by encouraging them to share their real work-life experiences. By submitting your information, you agree to be contacted by Emissary and to our Privacy Policy. You also agree to receive our weekly newsletter packed withcontentrich articles and industry insights. You also agree to receive our weekly newsletter packed with content rich articles and industry insights.

employer review sites

And this is probably true, but you need to also protect your professional reputation. This is an anonymous website packing from home jobs that encourages professionals to discuss their workplace environment, share advice, and give some feedback.

Respond To Reviews, Both Positive And Negative

Ltd. is also now affiliated with SimplyHired, Jobtarget, LiveCareer, Kijiji, career, jobster, startwire, juju, jobrapido, careerbliss–the list goes on! That makes room for a huge database of job listings around the world. It also means one small business’ job posting can be seen on many websites. For job seekers, the front end research these sites enable provide the sort of insight that helps candidates go beyond job fit and figure out how well they’re actually aligned with a prospective employer. This inside information is the sort of stuff candidates care about, not the generic boilerplates and superfluous superlatives that tend to make job descriptions anything but. Lastly, you can take advantage of as part of your preparation for a job interview.

employer review sites

We ran the top company reviews sites through an SEO tool called ahrefs to give us an “ahrefs Rank”. Ahrefs defines this as “the strength of a website’s backlink profile compared to the others in ahrefs database, with rank #1 being the strongest.” Here’s an example of the Indeed’s ahrefs rank. RateMyEmployer is owned and maintained by careers inc., a Canadian company that also operates several job boards. However, despite being founded by a company firmly entrenched in the online recruitment space, RateMyEmployer does not advertise any jobs nor does it seem to have a revenue stream which works in partnership with any employers rated on the site. It’s important, for many reasons, to see what’s being said about your company. Here are five leading websites providing employer reviews.

Leverage Employee Brand Advocates

We take a holistic approach to workforce planning and strategy to increase efficiency and visibility into your talent program. Keep track of your KPIs to measure your candidates' experience and the overall ROI of your investment into improving that experience. When it comes to communication with candidates, a ready-made candidate journey will simply never exist.

This changes the game; the candidate sees that your company genuinely listens and is, therefore, more inclined to apply. One last piece of advice – pay attention to company responses to written reviews. If they’re responding at all, consider it a good sign. If they’re canned or generic – and most are – at least they took the time to reply, which is more than many employers can say. Indeed, unlike Glassdoor, tends to emphasize engagement not only between prospective hires and potential employers, but between prospective and current employees, too. My favorite feature on Indeed is a Q&A section where candidates can crowdsource information and insights directly from current and former employees at a company. Women (and men!) can safely and anonymously rate their employers based on InHerSight's key metrics and also have the opportunity to get matched with companies that align with their interests.