Developer of CFD and forex trading platform designed to help actively trade in shares, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The company's platform provides training tools and demo accounts to try the service and experience user-friendliness and transparency, enabling clients to use compelling trading tools to make their own educated investment decisions. According to our research, high-performance organizations aren’t just investing in one or two learning and skill development areas either. Nearly all high-performance organizations are prioritizing learning and development technology, learning content, formal education or university learning, mentoring and coaching programs, and on-the-job skills training. Human Capital Management teams demonstrate strong problem-solving, quantitative analytics and stakeholder management skills and make an impact on the careers of our people. Delivering a best-in-class people strategy that attracts and motivates our evolving workforce, HCM teams design and implement strategies to help our people be their best at the firm and in their lives outside of it. "We want to dispel the myth that experience equates to effectiveness when it comes to good management. Leading people requires a specific set of learned skills. The good news is that these skills are teachable!" said LifeLabs Learning CEO, Priscila Bala.

We are working to embed sustainability into everything we do, with everyone we work with, to create business value and sustainable impact. Our Skills to Succeed initiative is about supporting and empowering people to take on the shifting workforce landscape.

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We worked with the government in Singapore on a large-scale workforce reskilling program to help mid-career professionals move from traditional jobs to data and digital roles. The program needed to address a wide range of skills, from hard skills like problem-solving, insight generation, and analytics, to soft skills like stakeholder engagement and communication.

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When organizations adopt an internal skills marketplace and an internal-first hiring mindset, employees stay engaged and happy, and your business increases its chances of successfully navigating the future. This builds upon our previous work together to equip almost 370,000 young people with the skills to succeed in a digital future. Over the last five years, Accenture and Accenture Foundations have awarded YBI more than US$18.5 million in both cash and pro bono services.

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J. Puckett is a managing director and senior partner in Boston Consulting Group’s Dallas office. He leads BCG’s global practice on skilling and previously led the firm’s Education, Employment and Welfare practice. Instead of creating a module for each of these topics, the program focused on projects where all these skills needed to be applied in tandem. The result was a rapid learning curve over six months, where more than 65% of learners pivoted to new data and digital roles within just a few months of program completion.

"The Fed will view the FedEx report as an indication that they are on the right path, rather than a warning that the Fed may be moving too aggressively," said Rick Meckler, a partner at Cherry Lane Investments in New Vernon, New Jersey. Today’s prized candidates are as likely to be technology experts as traditional investment bankers. And to effectively meet and anticipate demand, you need to drive diversity across front, middle and back office, and from MD-level hires to campus recruitment. As partner to 80% of businesses in the sector, we have the specialist knowledge and expertise you need to do it.