You only see the best remote and flexible job listings available. It helps connect companies with freelancers working in industries including financial services, tech, and healthcare. According to its website, the company has over 4,000 individuals working fully remotely across more than 100 countries. Here are the 10 companies that offered the most full- or part-time work-from-anywhere jobs in the six-month period. These have no location restrictions and require no time in an office. It said the three industries that posted the most work-from-anywhere jobs over that period were marketing, IT, and writing-or-editing services.

Read on to dig into all of the insights about what it’s really like to be a in 2019. If you are looking for a remote job we can recommend We Work Remotely or Remotive as great places to start; we are also hiring at Buffer. If you’re not sure if remote work is right for you (maybe because you’re one of those people I mentioned earlier who has a hard time self-motivating), try this article to start. is a freelance platform designed specifically for freelance web developers. You can sign up through GitHub , and they’ll help match you up with companies that need your services. Work-from-home jobs are exactly how they sound — jobs working at home.

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And you’ll be saving a lot of money on lunch and other snacks. You might have already heard about certain packing from home jobs advantages like increased productivity, flexibility, freedom, better focus, and all that abstract stuff. Most freelancers have already been working remotely for decades. Except for the ones who are hired by companies for temporary projects and were asked to join the rest of the team on-site. Freelancers can also work remotely, either individually or collaboratively. One or more people work remotely, but the majority work from the office. Check out our productivity at work guide to see what worked for people who tend to procrastiwork.

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Interestingly, 84% of respondents told us that, most of the time, they’re working from home. A much smaller percentage of primarily work from coworking spaces (8%), coffee shops (4%), libraries (0.5%) and other places (3%) including five RV campers, hotels, offices, and a grandma’s basement.

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And a remote company done right involves a lot of video conferences and messages throughout the day—so you may find it’s not as isolating as you’d expect. These days, though, fewer and fewer companies distinguish between the two terms, so if you’re looking for a remote job, it doesn’t hurt to search through telecommuting job listings as well.

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An employee is a GS-11 step 5 ($78,775) working remotely out of their home in Minneapolis, MN and is paid from the Minneapolis-St. The employee has a winter home in Phoenix, AZ and would like to work remotely from their home in Phoenix during the winter months. The employee requests to spend 6 months working remotely packing from home jobs from their home in Minneapolis (Jun-Nov) and requests to spend 6 months working from their home in Phoenix (Dec-May). The request is approved, and the employee is paid from the Minneapolis locality pay table from Jun. to Nov. ($78,775) and paid from the Phoenix locality pay table from Dec. to May ($75,906).